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Here I have a collection of art that I have done in my art class this past year.  This art is both computer generated and it is computer generated at well.  Since art is a big hobby of mine, I take great pride in my work.  But sometimes I take too long to complete an assignment because I am a perfectionist and at the very end i have to rush to finish.  I take the most pride in my computer art because I enjoy it so much.  Well anyways, I hope you enjoy!


This is a picture that was black and white and then I added color myself

This is a black and white picture that I used other layers to make this effect.

This is one of my early works.  Just a stamp that I designed for Florida.

This is a picture that I made black and white and adjusted the contrast and the brightness.

All I did with this picture was add a different back round to it.

I used a watercolor effect for this piece and made the back round a different texture.

This is a piece that I did with stipple.  I am entering this into a fair.

Here is just a picture of a car that I drew.  Not really that big of a thing.

Here is another picture of a Car.  Whoopee do!!!

This is a still life that I did a couple years ago

This is a pen and ink still life of a plant; no shading.  Just solid lines.

This is a picture of a woman in colored pencil.  It is not yet finished.


An Indy 500 picture I messed around with in Photoshop.

Just a picture of a rhino.


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